Obama, Boehner and ‘Rashomon’

By Lanny Davis – 7/27/2011 – A famous 1950 Japanese movie, “Rashomon,” describes a murder from the perspectives of four main characters who were involved in it — including the medium speaking for the murdered man. All four versions differ as to who is the real murderer. The director was asked by the actors: Who […]

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‘Let Them Eat Peas’

By Lanny Davis – 7/13/2011 – The headline in the left-hand lead of The New York Times on Tuesday read: “Obama Grasping Centrist Banner in Debt Impasse.” Wait a minute. Isn’t this the same president the Republican Tea Partiers decried as “socialist”? How could he possibly find himself described as a centrist? Wasn’t that the […]

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Bill Clinton Offers Path on Economy

By Lanny Davis – 07/06/11 –  Read the June 27 Newsweek cover story, with a smiling Bill Clinton filling the cover, and the headline “14 Ways to Save America’s Jobs,” and you will be reminded why and how Clinton began his first term as president with a $300 billion deficit and a stagnant economy emerging from […]

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