Lessons from LeBron — How the GOP can use crisis management

By Lanny J. Davis – 07/16/14 LeBron James’s surprise announcement last Friday that he planned to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Miami Heat offers important lessons for effective crisis management. Indeed, the most important lesson might be applicable to House Republicans as they plan new hearings on Benghazi this fall. The first and […]

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ shows who she is

By Lanny Davis – 07/09/14 The reviews are in on Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton’s history of her four-year tenure as U.S. secretary of State. They are almost all positive. Her book sales are strong — No. 1 on The New York Times best sellers list for three weeks in a row. What is missing from […]

It’s about education, stupid

By Lanny Davis – 06/25/14 If there is any issue that stumps liberals and conservatives alike, it is what to do about the crisis in public education in our high schools, especially in urban neighborhoods. If the now-famous campaign theme “It’s the economy, stupid” worked in 1992, then in 2016, the related slogan could be […]

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Jeb Bush a formidable candidate

By Lanny Davis – 06/18/14 OK, OK. To the Bush family, and particularly to former two-term Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: don’t worry. Let me start, upfront, by saying: I would never vote for Jeb Bush for president. He is way too conservative for me. Now that that’s over with, I think Bush is a really […]

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Clinton – NPR Interview on Gay Marriage – the Facts

By Lanny J. Davis – June 16, 2014 My opinion: Hillary Clinton’s responses to Terry Gross in her NPR interview on the issue of gay marriage were not the subjective terms used by reporters, such as “testy,” “contentious” and “annoyed,” but — equally subjective — firm and polite. (Another opinion, having listened to the interview […]

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Hillary’s Sense of Humor

By Lanny J. Davis – June 9, 2014 I can remember the first time I heard Hillary Rodham (her name back then, in 1969, when we first met at Yale Law School) laugh. There was a bunch of guys and Hillary in the law school lounge: I forget the joke, but all of a sudden […]

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Innuendo vs. facts on Benghazi

By Lanny Davis – 05/07/14 So now the House Republican leadership has announced still another investigation of the tragedy of Benghazi. My crisis management mantra about the truth is: “tell it early, tell it all, tell it yourself.” But the Republicans’ mantra seems to be, “tell innuendo early, often, and over and over again,” as […]

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Dems must stand by O-Care

By Lanny Davis – 04/30/14 If I were a Democrat running for Congress in 2014 who supported the Affordable Care Act, known as “ObamaCare,” I would be running a campaign explaining why I am proud of my vote. And I would challenge my GOP opponent to answer five questions: First, without ObamaCare, what would you […]

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Smart power for the 21st century

By Lanny Davis – 04/09/14 By the turn of the 21st century, it was clear that a new approach to the use of American power to protect our national interests and values was necessary. At the risk of some over-simplification, by the end of former President George W. Bush’s second term, essentially two lines of […]

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Life With My 16-year-old Son

by Lanny Davis – 04/03/2014 I have been writing this column called “Purple Nation” since the summer of 2008. My purpose was to write about issues and politics that focused on facts, not ideology, and that offered opportunities for mixed “Red State – Blue State,” or “Purple,” analysis and solutions. I’ve written hundreds of columns […]

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