Has Trump Been Caught in Another Lie?

by Lanny Davis – 5/12/16 Why hasn’t the national press and every cable show interviewer asked Donald Trump the following question: “What happened to the $6 million you claimed to have raised for veterans instead of debating your fellow Republicans?” Can I ask everyone reading this column to call any reporter covering the presidential campaign […]

Two Cheers for Bernie Sanders (not three yet…)

by Lanny Davis – 5/5/16 Bernie Sanders has earned two cheers for the presidential campaign he has run. But the third one isn’t there yet. I am hoping that the question is when, not whether, he will earn that third cheer, by focusing on the issues as he promised he would and not saying anything […]

Sanders and Trump are Wrong: The System Isn’t Rigged

by Lanny Davis – 4/20/16 Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have at least one thing in common. Trump reacted to his losses to GOP primary rival Ted Cruz in Colorado and Wyoming by saying: “I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders, but it’s a rigged system. The Republican system is a rigged system.” http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/ And […]

The Bernie Sanders Double Standard

by Lanny Davis – 4/14/16 Last week, Bernie Sanders decided to focus his message ahead of New York’s upcoming primary on the assertion that Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president. Eight years as first lady and an active participant in former President Clinton’s policy-making. Eight years — twice-elected — as a U.S. senator […]

Clinton Leads Sanders by 2.5 Million Votes, So Who is More Popular?

by Lanny Davis – 4/4/16 Tomorrow is the Wisconsin Democratic primary, which most polls show that Bernie Sanders will win. The Vermont senator and his campaign leaders have been all over the media in the last several weeks calling on Hillary Clinton–committed superdelegates to switch to Sanders. Their argument: Sanders is the more popular candidate […]

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Democrats: Don’t Stoop to Trump’s Level

by Lanny Davis – 3/17/16 When I read about the Chicago protesters last week cheering after Donald Trump canceled his campaign rally as a result of their efforts, I knew a lot of anti-Trump Democrats were also happy. But my first reaction? “Ouch.” As these protests against Trump inevitably continue, I believe those of us […]

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The Clinton-Sanders New Majority Coalition

by Lanny Davis – 3/10/16 After Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) narrow victory in Michigan Tuesday, preceded by vigorous debates and competition, it might appear that Sanders and Hillary Clinton are about to begin a more divisive campaign for the presidency in the coming months. I beg to differ. I expect, instead, a campaign, while intense […]

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Hillary Clinton: Breaking Barriers, Bringing Us Together

by Lanny Davis – 3/3/16 On Saturday night in South Carolina, after she had defeated Bernie Sanders by a margin of more than 47 points, winning in every county, white and black, Hillary Clinton gave a speech that she stated upfront was addressed to the nation. On Tuesday night, she won seven out of the […]

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Look at the Facts, Not Innuendo

by Lanny Davis – 2/12/16 I have no problem with presidential candidates who received speaking fees disclosing transcripts of their speeches — as long as it applies to everyone in that situation. What I do have a problem with is the insinuation by Sen. Bernie Sanders and the USA TODAY Editorial Board that when then-Sens. […]

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What “Revolution” Senator Sanders? A Republican Revolution?

by Lanny Davis – 2/10/16 I write this column February 9th on the morning of the New Hampshire primary. I expect Senator Bernie Sanders to win the primary – probably by a substantial double digit margin. Anything less would upset predictions made by virtually every single poll and pundit. As I have said repeatedly during […]

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