Clinton and Warren — Facts, not Labels

by Lanny J. Davis – December 16, 2014 As a supporter of Hillary Clinton for president if she runs, I don’t mind the efforts of some Democrats to urge Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to change her mind and run for president. I admire Warren, especially her recent effort to strip the “cromnibus” budget bill of […]

Why I Am Ready for Hillary

by Lanny J. Davis – December 11, 2014 Last week, on Dec. 4, I helped organize a Ready for Hillary fundraiser in Montgomery County, Md., in the immediate suburbs of Washington, D.C. The organization, an independent grassroots committee, has been at work for the past year gathering millions of names and small donations in support […]

Poor communication in Ferguson only made things worse

by Lanny J. Davis – December 4, 2014 No matter how effective the communications skills of the key players in the Michael Brown tragedy, bitterness and anger by the African-American community across the country (shared by many whites as well) would have resulted when the decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson was announced. […]

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Should Rep. Gowdy question Rep. Rogers on Benghazi?

by Lanny J. Davis – November 26, 2014 Last Friday, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence committee, issued a unanimous report addressing all the major issues on Benghazi. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R.-S.C.) heads a special committee to investigate Benghazi. Naturally, the question arises: What is left to investigate? Here is my suggestion […]

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At Least One Crisis Manager Thinks Tiger Woods Was Right to Respond to Dan Jenkins

by Lanny J. Davis – November 25, 2014 When Tiger Woods joined the litany of celebrity athletes with a byline and an honorific in Derek Jeter’s new online publishing venture the Player’s Tribune last week, he used the direct-to-fans platform in a novel way: to fire back at a critic. Woods responded to an imaginary […]

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No Labels is exactly what America needs

by Lanny J. Davis – November 20, 2014 An organization called No Labels, first established in 2010, has managed a political miracle: getting committed liberals and conservatives to come together to find common ground while maintaining their principles. One idea advanced by the group passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by […]

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Correcting the Falsehoods about For-Profit Colleges

by Lanny J. Davis – November 13, 2014 There is some disagreement among pundits as to why the Democrats got so badly whupped on Nov. 4 in races for the U.S. Senate and Congress, and in the statehouses. There is one thing, though, on which there appears to be agreement among conservatives and many liberals: […]

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Lessons for Democrats: It’s Time to Remember Who We Are

By Lanny J. Davis – November 6, 2014 We Democrats lost the U.S. Senate on Tuesday night for many reasons. But I believe the most important reason is that we ran away from who we are and what we stand for. Too many of our candidates and our party leaders thought we could win by […]

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To Republicans — Watch out for Traps After the Midterms

By Lanny J. Davis – October 29, 2014 Most pundits are predicting a Republican take-over of the U.S. Senate next Tuesday. I am ready to go on record against the conventional wisdom: I predict Democrats will surprise the pundits on election night and hold the Senate, if only by a 50-50 margin, with Vice President […]

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Ron Klain as Ebola czar — Right person for the right job at the right time

By Lanny J. Davis – October 20, 2014 So does anyone doubt that if President Obama had appointed a medical expert to become the Ebola “czar” to manage the Ebola virus crisis, many Republicans would have criticized him for not appointing someone with experience in crisis management, media and political communications? Or if the president […]

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